Anonymous: (same anon from earlier!) okay, here: /post/91660159036 /post/81893303367 /post/91736892486 i'll be waiting for the action thing :)

oh! these ones have the same settings~ and here is where i got the action. i deleted this part & now i can use it as a last filter action for everything~ just as long as i do the filter i want on the first frame beforehand :)

Anonymous: if you don't mind me asking, how do you sharpen your gifs and do you use topaz or anything? it's alright though if you don't want to reveal it or anything.

i don’t mind you asking! i don’t use any actions other than an automatic last filter action thing (i’ll link when i get home) nor do i use topaz, but i’ve used many different sharpen settings for all of my gifs. could you tell link me to like 2-3 posts so i can tell you the settings for those?

Anonymous: hi! i just started making gifs, can you please tell me what sizes i should use for photosets and such? thanks!

oooooooh making gifs is so much fun~~~~~ ok well im not going to tell you to use these and that these are the “correct measurements” for photosets bc everything is correct unless the gif’s quality is altered when you post it……. does that make sense.. like, there’s no correct pixel by pixel size for gifs when putting them into photosets (putting under read more to avoid further confusion)

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